Disclosure of Political Expenditures

Tenet Healthcare believes that active engagement in the public policy arena is an important part of responsible corporate citizenship and our obligation to our shareholders. Tenet is committed to engaging in a dialogue with policymakers on a wide range of public policy issues important to the healthcare industry in general, and the hospital community in particular, as well as our employees, patients, local communities and shareholders.

As a large multistate health system we are subject to an extensive array of state and federal laws and regulations, and changes to these laws can significantly affect important aspects of our operations, including the treatment of patients, our interactions with insurers and physicians and the costs we incur. We participate in the political process and engage with elected officials to help solve challenging issues facing our nation’s health care system and to educate officials about the impact of government decisions on our business and the communities we serve.

Participation in the public policy process includes providing support for the election of candidates whose views on policy issues align with the interests of acute care hospital providers.

Commitment to Transparency

Our Mission and Values include a strong commitment to transparency. As a healthcare provider we participate in efforts to measure our performance in delivering high-quality care with good outcomes and we share those results with the public.

We also believe that responsible corporate citizenship includes a commitment to transparency in political activities. It is Tenet’s policy to disclose:

  • Contributions, including in-kind contributions, from company funds or from the company’s political action committee (PAC) to candidates for state or federal office, PACs affiliated with candidates or elected officials, and political party committees;
  • Contributions to 501(c)(4) organizations, 527 organizations, and other groups that engage in political activity; and
  • Payments in excess of $25,000 to trade associations that engage in political activities.

Disclosure is made on a semi-annual basis, with the information posted on the Company’s public website.

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Board Oversight

The Board of Directors of Tenet Healthcare regularly reviews political contributions, as well as the political activities of Tenet and Tenet-PAC as described in this report, and will continue to oversee compliance with the overall policy, process and contribution criteria with respect to such contributions and activities.


Tenet Healthcare has established a political action committee, the Tenet Healthcare Corp. Political Action Committee (Tenet-PAC), which is registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). Copies of reports filed by Tenet-PAC can be found on the FEC website: www.fec.gov.

Tenet-PAC is subject to and governed by federal laws and FEC regulations, as well as the laws and regulations of states in which the PAC makes political contributions. Contributions to Tenet-PAC are received from Tenet employees on a voluntary basis. Distributions from the PAC are made to the campaign committees of federal, state and local candidates for office, or to other PACs, on a non-partisan basis. Tenet-PAC does not contribute to presidential election campaigns or make independent expenditures advocating for the election or defeat of particular candidates.

Contributions from Company Funds

Where permitted by law, and in compliance with all state campaign finance statutes, regulations, and rules, Tenet or our subsidiaries may make contributions from company funds to candidates or committees on the state level (e.g., candidates for statewide office or state legislature, state party organizations). The Company also may make contributions from corporate funds to private organizations that engage in political activities, including organizations established under sections 501(c)(4) and 527 of the United States Internal Revenue Code. Tenet’s policy is to publicly disclose such contributions regardless of whether disclosure by the receiving organization is required by law.

Procedure for Contributions to State and Federal Level Candidates

Tenet-PAC and Tenet are dedicated to supporting candidates who share the interests and concerns of Tenet, hospital operators and the health care industry in general. In deciding whether to make a specific contribution, the following factors are considered:

  • Representation of a Tenet facility or a large number of Tenet employees
  • Voting record or announced positions on issues important to Tenet, hospitals and health care providers in general
  • Demonstrated leadership on legislation or legislative committees of importance to the healthcare industry
  • Requests from federal and state hospital associations
  • Recommendations from Tenet-PAC contributors and Tenet leadership

All contributions require review and approval by the Vice President of Government Relations, as well as in-house legal counsel, to ensure consistency with the factors listed above and compliance with federal and state laws.

Trade Associations

Tenet maintains membership in a number of state and federal trade associations. These industry associations serve as a forum for discussion of issues of common concern, and as vehicles for communicating policy and regulatory concerns to both state and federal officials. As trade associations may engage in political activities, it is our policy to disclose membership in trade associations where annual membership dues exceed $25,000.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the information contained in this report, please contact the Tenet government relations department at GovRel@tenethealth.com.